Something about a Straw Hat

“Something About a Straw Hat” 18×24 depicts what we refer to here on Cape Cod as formal dress. Cape Cod is known for casual attire especially in the warm summer months. A pretty little cotton dress and a straw hat will take you all the way from your favorite Cape Cod beach to dinner. The well heeled usually find their way to Puritan Clothing Store on Cape Cod. You’ll find your favorite Nantucket red shorts and of course a pretty little white dress and just the right straw hat!

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“Something About a Straw Hat” 18×24 canvas, framed in a lovely wood frame and all of our original oil paintings are created in a studio on Cape Cod. Cape Cod is famous for its particularly radiant light and magnificent landscapes, seascapes and quaint harbors. Home to thousands of artists, Cape Cod has earned its reputation as a location for artists and collectors of fine art. From the tip of Cape Cod in Provincetown to the bridges, creating and collecting art is a way of life.

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