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 From my wonderful clients!


When I happened on to Julia’s gallery 7 years ago, I was seeking out artists to support Figawi Charities. We have been unbelievably fortunate over the years to have the finest of Cape Cod’s artists donate their works to be auctioned off at our annual Figawi Charity Ball – an event that has raised and donated over $3 million over the last 26 years. Little did I know that I had just met the artist who would have the largest impact in our long history. When I explained what we do and how we work she just smiled and went to work. Her first donated painting had bids pouring in before the event even started. It sold at our silent auction for $25,000! But she wasn’t done! “What should we do next?” she asked. I was completely floored! Julia has donated so many large, unbelievable paintings (not to mention numerous Framed Fine Art Prints) that she is easily the single largest donor to our annual auction. She is not only one of the Cape’s most important artists, she is also unbelievably generous.
C. Standish, Cape Cod

“I am the proud owner of 3 original oil paintings and several prints by the artist.  My guests invariably marvel over the beauty of her artwork, and seeing the work on my walls is a constant source of pleasure.  Several of her prints also grace the corporate walls of my office building, as well as the home of the CEO of my company.”
Patricia J., Cape Cod, MA

When you make the major commitment to buy fine art it is important to select the pieces that will stand the test of time:  Will you love them just as much in ten years as today?  Will they still have the ability to excite you and draw you into their story?  With Julia O’Malley-Keyes work, the answer is yes.  Whether you select one of her peaceful shore scenes or an adrenaline rushing sailing race, the art will continually affirm your wise selection.
L.Y. Art Collector, Osterville, MA

Julia is one of the most talented artists I have ever met. I have many of her awesome paintings in my home in Windermere, Florida and my office in Orlando, FL. Her work always evokes the most positive emotions from all who see her fabulous work. Julia is an artistic superstar!
Ned Grace, Orlando Florida

My wife and I fell in love with Julia’s work after first seeing a painting that she had donated to a charity affair. We were overwhelmed with her detail and workmanship. We have since purchased 6 paintings which we have throughout our house on the Cape. Four are of racing ships at sea and 2 are idyllic scenes. My wife and I both feel the paintings are a spectacular addition to our home.
BMS , Mashpee Massachusetts

“Julia’s art is the kind that just keeps on giving. I find myself studying it regularly, discovering something new, walking away amazed at the talent of this great artist. Her original works and choice of subject composition are simply outstanding. The Giclee prints allow all of us to own a piece of the work created by this wonderful artist. Indeed, Julia’s paintings are not only very collectible due to her reputation and talent as a great artist, but are also a thing of beauty. Fine art that brings a smile every time I look at them.”
D. Austin, Alaska

“I have two of Julia’s prints in my home and gave one as a gift. They represent the best of what is Cape Cod. The one I gave as a gift is positioned directly over their sofa in their living room and serves as their daily reminder of the Cape Cod they love so much.”
JM, Cape Cod

Julia’s talent for creating magnificent art with the most minute detail is beyond belief. I don’t know of another artist who has the ability to produce such breathtaking images in such a wide spectrum of subjects. Her Seascapes, Landscapes, Sailing vessels, and Portraits are all equally awe inspiring. In short, Julia’s work is spectacular.
A.T. Cotuit, MA

“My first Julia painting took my breath away. It reached within and touched my soul. I was forever hooked, not only on the artist but on the place where my husband and I will retire. To awe with beauty and to inspire with reality is to capture one’s heart. Julia will live on in our home for the rest of our lives. Each time I pass one of her paintings it takes me to another world, a world I can dissolve into and forever become a part of. Thanks Julia for your talent and eye for beauty.”
CL Central New Jersey

I have purchased a number of Julia’s paintings, but the large sail boat making its way through the winds off Nantucket has been moved from my office to my new house, I needed to see it more. It now resides over the fireplace and is the center of attention and happiness. It is exquisite. Ms. O’Malley-Keyes has a special talent and I feel blessed that I know her and have some of her wonderful works. I will be after more as the space dictates, but the painting described above will never go back to my office, it will remain in my home wherever that home may be.
Howard N. Canton, MA

“Guests and visitors are almost immediately drawn to the art of Julia O’Malley Keyes, and the art always evokes a positive response. I recently had an offer on my house and it was partly contingent on the inclusion of the art work. Needless to say, I wouldn’t even part with one of the many beautiful pieces in my collection. As I said to Julia when the vast selection of her talent was available for me to view and select from…”How could I choose?” Julia’s art continues to make my life richer, and I am grateful!
LT Bourne, Ma.

Julia has never hesitated to donate her beautiful paintings to support finding a cure for type 1 diabetes. Her works always draw the top bid at our annual auction.  Thank you, Julia.
MJC Falmouth, MA

We are so fortunate to look at one of Julia’s original paintings every day.  She also has a complete line of limited edition prints which make collecting her beautiful work accessible to most.  We have some of these prints in our Florida home. We love the comments from our guests who are immediately attracted to our “wall of Julia”.
C. E C. Naples,Fl

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Cape Cod Prints and Paintings

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